The Fotoimpressions Engagement Photography Experience

If you’re interested in only engagement photography and not wedding photography, Fotoimpressions Wedding Photography will give you the same focus and attention as if you were booking us for your wedding. Paul documents 500-700 images for the engagement shoot. We allow as many outfit and location changes as we can fit in a 2 and a half hour time span. Fotoimpressions delivers 30-50 high-quality, polished, retouched and color-collected, portfolio-quality engagement photos for your engagement session.

We don’t do watermarks at Fotoimpressions Wedding Photography. All your photos are available in online gallery at high-resolution. You can order prints directly from the website, or share your images directly to social media.


Engagement Photography Pre-Consult

At the engagement photography shoot pre-consult, we will discuss the location for your shoot. Paul likes to pick a location that has some kind of sentimental meaning to you and your fiancée. Sometimes it’s where you were engaged, like in your parents’ backyard. If you leave it up to the photographer, we will put a lot of thought into locations that help portray your relationship and connection. Sometimes it’s urban; sometimes it’s rural. We will give you location suggestions based on background and lighting. Pets are always welcome!

Location Scouting & Getting the Perfect Engagement Shots

Location scouting for your engagement shoot is a great opportunity to take you through the motions, teach you and your fiancée different poses, and we’ll give you a sense of how we work with married couples. Even though at Fotoimpressions, Paul’s photography is very candid and relaxed, we do use a lot of poses. To get the happy and laughing moments for your engagement shoot, Paul will do whatever it takes to disarm your anxiety and make you feel comfortable, happy, and full of laughter. Sometimes he will tell ridiculous jokes (Paul listens to what his clients tell him at the pre-consult as ammunition for comedic recall for the photo shoot), and even tell jokes at his own expense if it means getting a great shot of you and your significant other.

As someone who has been doing wedding and engagement photography for over 20 years, literally wrote the book on wedding photography, and becomes friends with his clients before taking a single shot, Paul is the master of getting your true, passionate, and real moments on film.

“I really try not to create the images I want to make – I try to find out what kind of people my clients are, what their moods are, and how to best accentuate their appearance. I do whatever is necessary to capture the dynamic and chemistry they have as a couple. We can do a bunch of silly photos if that is what your couple dynamic is like. Where other photographers try to create images that arem ore in line with “what gets likes: on social media, and work with a one-size formula for all couples, I find I have a better reception with my couples when I pay attention to who they are, and I make photos that accentuate, and kind of support their individual identities. I try and display their chemistry and energy, also with lighting, poses, and props.”

“I really like engagement shoots,” Paul always says. “I get to spend unlimited time with my bride- and groom-to-be. There’s no deadlines, there’s no pressure, it’s just me, the bride, and the groom. We have a lot of fun. A lot of people have never been photographed professionally, and get intimidated and overwhelmed. I like to have fun with this and explore and take some pictures and laugh a lot, have fun, and treat it casually.”

“I always produce better images when I make a true personal connection with my clients. I could tell you a lot about each and every client I’ve ever had.” It is this tried and true formula, of forming a real, unique connection with his clients in order to inform his photography that Paul uses to get authentic, passionate, and real wedding photos that come so naturally.