The Fotoimpressions Wedding Photography Experience

Paul Van Hoy and his team deliver a unique and unrivaled full-day, start to finish, photo-documentation service. Implementing a truly unique style of poignant photojournalism imbued with a fine-art influence ensures that all the details, fleeting moments, and candid beauty of your day will be forever captured in an artistic and evocative collection of images that tells your wedding day story from beginning to end.

“I am dedicated to producing imagery that is authentic and timeless. My highest priority is always the client. Rigorous standards and an unwavering dedication to exceeding my clients’ expectations is what distinguishes my work from the work of my contemporaries.”

“My time is virtually unlimited on the day of your wedding. This encompasses a 12 hour day for start to finish coverage (included in each package). Full coverage encompasses every wedding-day aspect from the bridal/wedding party preparations to the final dance and adieu. I will work together with you to assure that your most beloved and cherished memories are captured with timeless, honest, and artistic elegance.”

Fotoimpressions Wedding Photography releases ALL digital master files (original full resolution images both RAW and EDITED files), on average 4000-5000 RAW images and 500-700 EDITED images to the bride and groom with an official release for reproduction and distribution. If you wish to secure your date with us- a third of the entire package price is due at contract signing.

Fotoimpressions Wedding Photography maintains a current passport and offers services throughout the entire US and world-wide for destination wedding events. Please inquire for the most up to date travel rates for your destination wedding.


What’s Different about Fotoimpressions Wedding Photography?

When you hire Fotoimpressions, you’re hiring more than a photographer. You’re hiring someone one of the world’s preeminent wedding photographers. Paul has a master’s degree in Fine Art in Photography from RIT. He has over two decades of wedding photography experience. He has won international awards for his wedding photography in Rochester, including “Photograph of the Year” awarded to Fotoimpressions Wedding Photography by both Microsoft and Creative Quarterly. You’re hiring someone who literally wrote the book on wedding photography (Paul wrote high-selling book Wedding Photojournalism | The Business of Aesthetics), and has had his wedding photography featured in: Martha Stewart Weddings, InStyle Weddings, Brides and Bridal Magazine, Professional Photographer, Creative Quarterly, and many more magazines and books.

Unlike some photographers who do the occasional wedding on the side, Paul has spent over the last 20 years of his life documenting weddings with brides, grooms, and their families. There are probably only a handful of people around the world that have a similar combination of education, experience, awards and books specifically in wedding photography that Fotoimpressions Wedding Photography has.

Paul goes above and beyond the call of wedding photographers. If you’re interested in hiring Paul for wedding or engagement photography, Paul will provide you the complete, finished galleries of the last 10-12 weddings that Paul has documents, so that you can decide whether his work and style fit your personality.

Paul also makes a unique connection with all of his clients. Paul likes to get to know his clients and their relationship as best as possible. “I like to get to know my clients, what they do professionally, how they are as a couple, their passions in their personal and private lives, where they met, how they met, their family history, backgrounds, where they’re going, etc.” It is this authentic, personal connection that Paul forms with his clients that allows him to so perfectly capture their relationship and love on film.

Where other wedding photographers work with a one size fits all formula for all couples, and take pictures that will get likes on social media, Paul displays couples’ chemistry, energy, and passions. “A lot of people have never been photographed professionally, and get intimidates and overwhelmed. I like to have fun with it and explore and take some pictures and laugh a lot, and treat it casually. I always end up being friends with my clients. They’re real people. I regard them, and get to know them, and I want to know them the same way as if I met a cool couple in a bar one night just going after drinks.”

“I always get better images when I make a true personal connection with my clients. I could tell you a lot about each and every client I’ve ever had.” It is this tried and true formula, of forming a real, unique connection with his clients in order to inform his photography that Paul uses to get authentic, passionate, and real wedding photos that come so naturally.